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Self heating wrist guard

Self heating wrist guard


Colour: Black
Material: cotton, magnet
Features: magnetic therapy, wrist protection, warmth and comfort
Product size: 26.7 * 0.5cm
Features: with elastic band, safe and comfortable to wear.
It can effectively improve blood circulation, promote transverse diaphragm membrane and clean meridians, improve integrity.
Maintain a dynamic sense of fullness and help relieve pain and swelling
Wrist treatment for carpal tunnel, tendinitis, wrist pain and sports injuries, wrist pain, relief of wrist weakness or damage (but this is only a relief tool and cannot treat wounds and pain)
Warm clamps will help you lose weight and further relax muscles, provide the best deep tissue massage treatment, make you rejuvenated and painless, and moderate coverage clamps can provide super comfortable warming therapy and relieve hand/wrist symptoms /Elbow pain/arm

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