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Scalp Care Serum Refreshing And Strengthening Mist

Scalp Care Serum Refreshing And Strengthening Mist

SKU: CJJY1434422-1


Relive and nourish scalp;

Improve itchy and dry scalp;

Strengthen hair root;


Reduce hair loss;


To build a healthier and more comfortable scalp environment for hair growth, this scalp treatment spray would be helpful. Natural ingredients penetrate deep into scalp, strengthening hair root to make hair grow stronger. The spray head is designed for user to mist on scalp evenly with larger scale. This rinse-free formula is specifically designed for uses to relieve itchy, dry scalp, lightening the load of scalp.



  1. Dry your hair after cleaning;
  2. Spray this scalp essence directly onto scalp ;
  3. Comb through to gently detangle and evenly distribute;
  4. No need to rinse.

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