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Cleaning pore shoveling machine

Cleaning pore shoveling machine


Material: ABS
Function: remove blackheads, clean skin, reduce wrinkles, whiten
Gear adjustment: three speeds can be adjusted
Charging mode: USB charging (including charging cable)
Rated power: 3 W
Working voltage: 3.7 V
Charging voltage: 5 V
Vibration frequency: 26,000 times / second
Product size 17.5 * 5 * 2cm
Hemorrhoids removal: Immediately rinse the super-type acne in the pores with clear water and remove it immediately.
Eliminate acne: clean and remove dust, cosmetics, etc. by ultrasonic vibration with atomized distilled water. Can improve various skin problems in a short time.
Dead skin: Under the action of water, it has ultrasonic vibration function to remove dead skin and keep the skin clean.
Lighten the wrinkles on the skin: Ultrasound can keep you warm to get a lighter effect.
Dilute melanin: Under tension, tyrosinase is controlled under the influence of diluted melanin.


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